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In keeping with the vision of our beloved Founder, in 1983, under the administration of Achiever Carrie Filer Davis, an official youth auxiliary of the National Women Of Achievement was established, which were GEMS.  In 1989, the National Youth Achievers' name was adopted. In 1991, the National Youth Achievers was officially organized under Co-Director Achiever Beatrice Mayes, along with Achiever Mildred Woodson and Achiever Willie Kennedy with four charter chapters: Houston, Missouri City, Galena Park, and Winston-Salem.  The first president of National Youth Achievers was Youth Achiever Charrise Barron of the Houston Chapter. Between 1991 and 1995, under the leadership of National Director Beatrice Mayes, the National Youth Achievers experienced phenomenal growth, expanding from the original four chapters to 20 chapters with over 400 active members across the United States. The motto of National Youth Achievers is: “Continuing to Keep the Keys to Success Through Excellence and Achievement.”




At CON-WOA July 1995, in Miami, Florida, Achiever Beatrice Mayes recommended having the Youth Achievers be divided into two groups.  From the age of 13 years to high school graduates, the first group will continue to be called Youth Achievers.  The second group, from 6 to 12 years of age, would be named Junior Achievers.  This recommendation was passed at the National Women Of Achievement, Incorporated Conference. 

This was the beginning of our Number One National Thrust to implement a strategic plan to encourage Juniors (NJA) from the ages of 6 to 12 to strive for excellence, maintain high moral and ethical standards, and contribute to the career fields of their choice.  The format to organize and develop the Constitutional By-Laws and the Handbook of the Junior Achievers was utilized from the Youth Achievers by Achievers Mildred Woodson (Missouri City Chapter), Beatrice Mayes (Houston Chapter), Mary Guidry (Houston Chapter), and Shirley Hudson (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter).  Achievers who planned the first National Junior Achiever conference July 16-20, 1997, in Fort Worth, Texas with the Theme: “Striving to Make the Impossible, Possible,” were Harriet Streeter, Youth Advisor (Houston Chapter), Shirley Hudson-Bell (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter), Pamela Smith (Houston Northwest), and Deborah Powers (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter).  The Acting South Central Region Junior President, Toryn Johnson (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter), was appointed the Presiding Officer for CON-WOA 1997.


At the Ninth Biennial CON-WOA on July 17, 1997, the Junior Achievers were chartered.  The charter Junior Achievers of this organization are: 

  • Brandon Boykin (Houston Northwest Chapter)

  • Jamesia Cowan (Houston Northwest Chapter)

  • Vernon Gay (Houston Northwest Chapter)

  • Andrea Hayes ( Missouri City Houston Metro Chapter)

  • Makeshia Hayes (Missouri City Houston Metro Chapter)

  • Marcus Hayes (Missouri City Houston Metro Chapter)

  • Toryn Johnson (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter)

  • Amanda Lampkin (Dallas Fort Worth Chapter)

  • Larilyn Littlejohn (Charlotte, North Carolina Chapter)

  • Temetress Lovett (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter)

  • Ashley Oliphant (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter)

  • Robert Powers (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter)

  • Brittani Scott (Midtown Atlanta Chapter

  • Shaddaiii Smith (Houston Northwest Chapter)

  • Shakinan Sutton (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter)

  • Anthony Williams (Houston Chapter)

  • Keisha Williams (Houston Chapter)

  • Corderro Woodson (Missouri City Houston Metro Chapter)

During CON-WOA 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, Achiever Beatrice Hurst-Douglas, Ph.D., National President, appointed Achievers Pamela J. Barrett (National Youth Director), Shirley T. Hudson (Western Segment Junior Coordinator), and Cheryl McGee (Eastern Region Segment Junior Coordinator) to continue the objectives of the Junior Achievers. National Junior Achiever Temetress Lovett (Galena Park Houston Metroplex Chapter), the first elected president, would preside over the National Junior conference.  The Division's motto is: “Utilizing the Key to Success to Promote Excellence and Achievement.“



The Collegiate division of National Women Of Achievement, Inc., is the brainchild of Past National President, Achiever Manderline Scales, Ph.D.  While serving as the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs at Winston-Salem State University, she recognized a pool of untapped resources and potential growth for NWOA. 


Her idea was shared with Achievers Hazel B. Webster, Emesdyne Burnett, and Eddie Marie Johnson.  These women worked together to design a structure for the new component.  There were provisions for elementary and high school levels to participate as Youth Achievers, but there was no mechanism for involvement while they worked on College degrees and vocational certifications--thus the Collegiate Achievers. Students were to be considered Collegiate at the Bachelor's level.  At the post-graduate level, the females would become Achievers, and the young men would become Keystones.  The National Executive Board approved the proposal.

The purpose of the Collegiate Achievers mirror those of NWOA. Qualifications included being highly motivated; having a desire to achieve academically, making contributions on the campus and in the community; and being willing to share any special talents with others.  Their emblem is a Gold Key.

As the Eighth National President, Achiever Rebecca Taylor Porter deemed the revival of the Collegiate Achievers as a high priority for the Administration, she conferred with Achiever Scales, gained her support, and launched her plan.  Achiever Porter appointed Achiever Sheryl Marshall to the role of National Collegiate Advisor.

At the 15th Biennial Conference of National Women Of Achievement, Incorporated held at the Oaklawn Hilton in Chicago, Illinois during July 2009, there were six Collegiate Achievers registered and attending the conference.  National President Rebecca T. Porter presided over the Chartering Ceremony on Friday, July 24, 2009.  Ben Davis, Kayla Hart, Ashriel Durham, Vernon Gay, Gerard Cartwright, Chardonnay Fetcher, and Curtiss Stafford are National Charter Members.  With the exception of NCA Fletcher, all of the Charter Members were formal National Youth Achievers.  The National Officers were installed by Achiever Alice A. Bonner, Esq., NWOA National Founding Charter Member. In an honor befitting the commitment to her legacy, the Charge and Challenge to the Collegiate Achievers were delivered by the Third National President, Achiever Manderline Scales, Ph.D.



At the Eleventh Biennial National Convention of National Women Of Achievement, Incorporated, the Male Achiever Division was approved through a Constitutional review and update. The Male Achievers Division consists of husbands, relatives of Achievers, and former male youth/collegiate Achievers.  They serve as a support group for National Women Of Achievement, Incorporated.  The colors for the Male Achievers are black, gold and white.

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