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Youth and Young Adults

Encourages young people to maintain high moral, ethical, and scholastic standards through the provision of scholarships, guidance and mentoring, cultural experiences, and other needed support in the pursuit of their goals.

Status of Women

Encourages women to excel in their chosen fields of professions by improving their status through recognition of their current roles and equal employment opportunities.  Women are also encouraged to improve the quality of their lives through awareness of health and wellness issues.

Community Service

Encourages the provision of opportunities for the membership to address the needs of their respective communities through broad-based involvement in community projects and activities.

Senior Citizens

Provides an opportunity for the membership to pay tribute to older citizens who, in their golden years, lack the energy, physical stamina, and resources to maintain their independence. Thus our goal is to bring joy and contentment to their daily lives, thus giving them more value.

Political Awareness

Provides for women's empowerment through politics to illustrate the importance of awareness and active participation in the political arena.

Assault on Illiteracy

Focuses upon the membership lending financial, moral, and physical support to the National Assault On Illiteracy program by helping to implement its objects and promoting its efforts to wipe out Illiteracy in all walks of life.

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